Get Your Race Day Style On: What to Wear to Galway Races

what to wear to Galway races

  Are you planning to attend the races and wondering what to wear? The Galway races are a highly-anticipated event that draws crowds from all over Ireland and beyond. It’s a time to dress up, have fun, and, of course, watch some exciting horse racing.  Here are some tips for what to wear to Galway […]

Regal Fashion: How to Dress for Royal Ascot

how to dress for Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world, and it is known not only for its thrilling races but also for its elegant and sophisticated dress code. Every year, people from around the globe flock to the Ascot Racecourse to witness the races and show off their most stylish […]

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Bridal Earrings for Your Wedding Day

  Choosing the perfect pair of bridal earrings can be a daunting task for any bride-to-be. With so many styles, colours, and designs to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, with a few helpful tips and tricks, you can easily find the perfect pair of bridal earrings that will complement your wedding dress […]

The History and Significance of Bridal Hair Accessories: From Ancient Times to Today

Hat Hire Ireland

Bridal hair accessories have a long and rich history, with evidence of brides adorning their hair dating back to ancient civilisations. From simple flowers to elaborate headdresses, hair accessories have played an important role in weddings for centuries, symbolising the bride’s purity, beauty, and status. Wedding hair accessories through history In ancient Greece and Rome, […]

The Classic Fedora: A Timeless Piece of Headwear

Hat Hire Ireland

What is a classic fedora hat? The fedora hat is a timeless piece of headwear that has been around for over a century. This versatile and stylish hat has become a staple in the fashion world and is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe with a touch of sophistication. The humble […]

How to Find the Right Hat for Any Occasion

Whether it be a day out at the races, a wedding, or a number of other events, a hat can really top off any ensemble and make the fashion statement you’re looking for. If you’re not a hat expert, all of the colours, fabrics, and styles can feel a little bit overwhelming – so how […]

Becoming a Hat Person: How to Find the Right Headwear for You

No matter how you look at it, hats are practical, fun, and stylish. Regardless of the season or occasion, chances are, there’s a hat that can elevate your outfit to a stunning ensemble. Whether it be to shield your face from damaging UV rays or to make a unique fashion statement, there truly is a […]

A History of Hats, Part 2

Hat Hire Ireland

  Hang on to your hats, literally, because we are serving up the second instalment of our brief history lesson on what you probably didn’t know about hats through time. Who were plumassiers? In the 1920s, plumassiers began operating parallel to those in the hatmaking arts. They specialised in fantastic feather dyeing and arrangement into […]

A History of Hats, Part One

Hat Hire ireland

  It’s no surprise that here at Jennifer’s Hat Emporium, we love hats. Have you ever wondered why they ever became “a thing” in the first place? Well, we’ve got an interesting read right here for you, so be sure to continue to learn more. Where did hats originate from? Ever since humans began roaming […]

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Hat Hire Ireland

  Deciding what to wear to a wedding as a guest can be tricky at the best of times, let alone during the coldest season. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to winter wedding dresses for guests – the weather conditions, the location, and the formality of the event – just […]