A History of Hats, Part One

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It’s no surprise that here at Jennifer’s Hat Emporium, we love hats. Have you ever wondered why they ever became “a thing” in the first place? Well, we’ve got an interesting read right here for you, so be sure to continue to learn more.

Where did hats originate from?

Ever since humans began roaming the earth, we’ve been covering our heads with whatever we could get our hands on. This began as a way to protect our most valuable asset – the head on our shoulders – from sustaining an injury in a variety of ways, including weapons or falling rocks.

Additionally, as humans, we lose 85% or so of our body heat through our heads, so you should always cover your head as best you can in less-than-desirable weather conditions. 

Headwear fashion through the ages

As time went on, head coverings became status symbols,  and were reserved for those in authority or work positions that required it. Moving on even further, we saw hats become an art form and a tool for self-expression that can be coordinated with everyday apparel.

In the wonderful world of fashion, hats are an accessory that is immediately noticed due to the fact your eyes are generally drawn to a person’s face when you see them. For this reason, adorning your crown with a beautiful hat or headpiece makes a fashion statement and a half.

What is millinery?

Millinery has been practised since 1700 in Britain. The word millinery was derived from the term ‘millaners’ (the name for haberdashers from Milan who travelled and sold their wares), as well as the term ‘chapeliers’ (the french name for hatmakers. In France, chapeliers have since been replaced by modistes. If you want to keep things technical, hatmakers make hats for men, and milliners make hats for women.

Are you in search of your own unique hat or headpiece?

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