Hat Hair Inspiration

Hat Hair Inspiration

You’ve picked your outfit, you found the shoes, you’ve hired the perfect hat & purchased your accessories from Jennifer’s Hat Emporium, and now you have to decide the perfect hair for that hat. So many choices but we have a great guide for you to help narrow down the choices!

If you’re wearing a wide brimmed hat, like the Kendra hat, the best choice is to wear your hair down. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can go sleek and straight or gently tonged to give a light wave. Tucking your hair behind your ears works really well for this style of hat also. 

If you’re wearing something more modern or something small yet flamboyant, (like the Andrea hat) then a simple hairstyle is best. A sleek low knot is a great style to suit this kind of hat.

Percher hats are very popular for summer occasions and the hairstyle that fits well is also perfect for summer. A simple sleek ponytail. Depending on the detail in the hat, you could put a wave through the hair can also be a nice addition to complement the hat. The Geneva hat is a great example of a percher.

Penelope Hat in

If you’re wearing a pillbox hat, like the Penelope Hat, a side bun is a great match. You can keep it a bit more structured or make it a neat ‘messy’ bun. 

Hope this gives you some great ideas!

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