Hatiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts of the Hat

Hatiquette Jennifers Hat Emporium

Hatiquette: who knew this word existed, but it does! It’s the etiquette involved when wearing a hat. We all love to embrace our personal style but there are some rules to follow when we are donning a hat. Here are some of the traditional rules of wearing a hat:


Wedding Hats

You may be aware of the unspoken social rule, where the guests should never outshine the host, well this couldn’t be truer at weddings. If the mother of the bride is hosting the wedding, she should be wearing the biggest hat and mother of the groom should always opt for something smaller. However, if the bride and groom are hosting then the two mothers can wear whatever hat size they like.


Women’s Hats

As a female, you don’t need to remove your hat indoors. Hats are generally now outfit specific and so this new rule of etiquette has developed. Men may have a variety of hats to match a variety of outfits whereas as women may match one hat with one single outfit. Women’s hats worn purely for warmth should be removed when indoors.  Traditionally ladies decorate hats on the right-hand side. The opposite to that of men who always stick to the left.


Race Meeting Hats

Race meetings are a popular event to wear hats to. At events such as Royal Ascot, hats are mandatory, followed by a very strict dress code. Thankfully here in Ireland it’s not as strict, however, at smart race meetings, hats are traditional but not compulsory.


Love your Hat

Here is the ultimate rule – You Must Love Your Hat!  No matter what the event, if you are wearing a hat that you love, you will feel great.  A great headpiece will complete any outfit and can give a ‘wow’ factor like no other accessory.  That’s why, at Jennifer’s Hat Emporium, we have new styles arriving weekly.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest styles from top Irish milliners.

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