How to Find the Right Hat for Any Occasion


Whether it be a day out at the races, a wedding, or a number of other events, a hat can really top off any ensemble and make the fashion statement you’re looking for.

If you’re not a hat expert, all of the colours, fabrics, and styles can feel a little bit overwhelming – so how can you navigate selecting the best hat for you?

Let’s go back to basics and dive into some handy hints to help you on your way to the perfect headpiece.


You don’t need a perfect colour match

The days of perfectly curating a colour match for all of your accessories are over. Mixing colours and textures up a little can be a great thing. The key is to select one hero piece that stands out, and pair it with other accessories that complement and do not distract from it.

Big isn’t necessarily better

Now, we’ve all seen obnoxiously large hats that turn into fashion disasters. If you’re looking to avoid a fashion faux pas, then it’s so important to get the balance right. Shorter people should avoid oversized hats (brims extending wider than their shoulders).

Balance the detail just right

If you’re wearing a dress with a bold pattern, it’s a good idea to keep your hat simple. The same goes the other way – if your dress is simple and subtle, a statement hat or headpiece can jazz up your ensemble.

Check out the latest trends

Don’t be afraid to turn to platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest for hat inspiration. There are so many wonderful resources out there that can help you get a feel for the look you want to create.

When you have your dress selected, the internet can be very useful to see what other people are pairing with similar prints and colours. You may find combinations you had never dreamed of that suit you down to the ground.

Talk to the experts in the trade

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