Jennifer’s Hat Emporium on 2FM!

Jennifer’s Hat Emporium on 2FM!

Monday 10th February was a very exciting day in Jennifer’s Hat Emporium! I got the amazing opportunity to talk about the business on the Jennifer Zamperelli show on 2FM! When Jennifer met Jennifer!

In case you don’t know, Jennifer Zamperelli hosts the morning show on 2FM from 9am and covers lots of different topics, mixed with loads of great tunes and quizzes. She also does an amazing section to boost peoples businesses! So that’s where I came in..

I wasn’t too nervous, thank God, but it wasn’t all glam let me tell you! I was speaking to the researcher before I went on and she mentioned that the signal was bad (it’s really bad in my house!) so I was outside in the FREEZING cold in my pyjamas trying to get good signal so that I could chat to her!! Thankfully it wasn’t windy so I don’t think anyone noticed I was outside!

I got the opportunity to explain what Jennifers Hat Emporium is all about and everything we have to offer here. Jennifer even commended the fact that we’re sustainable. With Ireland in a state of climate emergency, this is such an important thing to be aware of! We need to reduce waste, reduce buying things we don’t need and recycle what we can so this is why my hat hire business is perfect for anyone going to events or race days that just needs a one off!

I also got to talk about the fact that we’re a ‘one-stop shop’ for all things accessories too! It was a short segment but we packed a lot in! If you didn’t get to listen in, it’s available on playback here: You’ll hear me at 1:47:50

Thanks for all the support on this so far! You’re all amazing ❤️

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