Trend Alert: Shell Jewellery

Trend Alert Shell Jewellery

Shell jewellery is the trend of summer 2019, with shell jewellery pieces being featured in the likes of Marie Claire and Vogue, among many other fashion magazines. It’s the trend that the fashion world can’t get enough of.


Here at Jennifer’s Hat Emporium, we’ve got you covered for all your shell jewellery needs.  Our Chestnut necklace is a simple, three-layered gold necklace with different shells on each layer.



For earrings, our Boxtree set have a beautiful gold shell and cream marble drop. Inspired by the beach but looking great in the city.  They are definitely worth checking out!


Colour Jewellery

To add a bit of colour, have a look at Guedler Rose. This is two separate necklaces, one gold necklace and one gold & red with shells. So you can go for a very simple look and wear just one, or jazz it up by wearing both.

 Shell Jewellery gallery jennifer hat emporium

We have an amazing gold seashell handbag, Spray Rose. This is a statement piece to add glamour to the simplest of looks!  It might also bring back happy memories of beach holidays and cocktails under the palm trees.

Now if that’s not enough to get you started, I don’t know what is!  This trend is set to stay for some time yet as more designers are creating some great pieces that could indeed become timeless.  With many shapes, styles and options there really is something for every taste.

Introducing a new trend in your wardrobe is easier when it comes to jewellery.  For a small investment these accessories will add an ‘up to the minute’ twist to any outfit without breaking the bank. Even for the more cautious fashionista, a simple pair of earrings can transform a look.

Enjoy this fun trend this summer.  Explore our jewellery range for more trends and inspiration that will turn any head.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s new as it arrives in stock.


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